Improve Your Outdoor Event With Heated Tent Rentals

Improve Your Outdoor Event With Heated Tent Rentals

Outdoor events can be ideal to celebrate many special occasions, from birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries to family reunions, graduations, baby showers, and more. Even if the weather forecast is ideal, however, temperature fluctuations can quickly make an outdoor event much less enjoyable. Heated tent rentals can keep your guests comfortable and ensure the entire event is fun for everyone.

How Outdoor Temperatures Fluctuate

Temperatures naturally rise and fall throughout the day. Weather conditions, solar radiation, cloud cover, breezes, rain, fog, and other factors all impact ongoing temperature changes, and as different factors combine, the temperature shifts can be extreme. Depending on the situation, temperatures can change by 10-15 degrees or more in a short period, and as temperatures fall, guests may grow uncomfortable and leave, cutting your event short and curtailing the celebration.

Heated Tent Rentals Can Help

A heated tent can keep the temperature much more consistent in the event area, keeping guests comfortable without the need for bulky outerwear or cumbersome layers. Even as temperatures change, there is no need to move the celebration to a different location if your tent features supplemental heat. By adding a heated tent to your event setup, you give your guests the opportunity to enjoy the fun and elegance of the celebration without the inconvenience and unpredictability of temperature fluctuations.

Making the Most of a Heated Tent

There are many tent styles that can be augmented with appropriate heaters, and there are many different heating options that can be used in tents. Some heaters blow hot air into the tented area, typically from vent areas spaced around the tent. Freestanding heaters are another option and can be ideal for smaller tents. Heat lamps and tabletop heaters are other styles that can help control the temperature inside the tent.

When choosing a heater for your tent, first consider the tent’s size to be sure the heater will be adequate to heat the space. Also consider the number of guests expected at the event, and note that a crowded tent will naturally be warmer with the body heat of attendees. The seasonal expected temperatures can also influence how much supplemental heat may be needed. Rental coordinators can help you choose the best heating options for the tent, and to make sure you make the most of your heaters…

  • Choose a tent with sidewalls to keep heat contained and maximize the heater’s efficiency to keep the space warm without excessive heat loss. Sidewalls could be solid or may include clear panels so your outdoor view remains unobstructed.
  • Consider a heater that includes a thermostat that can be set to a preferred temperature to automatically control the heating options. This will allow you to set the heater and not continually monitor guests’ comfort or make frequent adjustments to the heater.
  • Ensure there will be an adequate power source to control the heater, whether it requires a generator, propane tanks, or electrical connections. Different styles of heaters may have different power needs.
  • Consider a covered entryway to the tented area to minimize heat loss through entrances and exits. Simple door panels can mitigate heat loss, or you could even consider a tunnel or covered arches to provide a more dramatic, climate-controlled entryway.
  • Add flooring to the tented area to improve footing and ensure no heat is lost through contact with a cold or wet ground. Flooring such as dance floors, tiles, and outdoor carpeting can easily be rented to match the size and style of your tent.
  • Add elevated fans to circulate warmer air that has risen above the guests to keep the temperature throughout the tent consistent. This will help maximize the heater’s efficiency and conserve power and energy use.
  • Take appropriate safety precautions with all heating elements and power connections so there is no risk of electrical shorts or fire. Be sure safety equipment is available nearby in case of any emergencies.

Cool temperatures can strike at any time of year, and an outdoor event can quickly be cut short if it is too cold for guests’ comfort. A heated tent can be the perfect solution to ensure your outdoor event is comfortable and enjoyable no matter how the weather performs as you celebrate.