Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic weddings are a hot trend that can be beautiful events in any season. But what gives a wedding a rustic ambiance, and how can you work that into your special day in unique and creative ways?

Defining Rustic

A rustic wedding can mean many different things to many different brides and grooms. Ultimately, however, a rustic wedding conveys a sense of romantic simplicity with a country or rural flair and plain, simple details. That does not mean that a rustic wedding can't be elegant, however, and there are many ways to make a simple rustic wedding simply stunning.

Rustic Wedding Venues

The ambiance of your wedding starts with its location, and your wedding venue sets the scene for your event. Choosing a rustic location can help you create a beautiful setting without needing to exaggerate decorations or go overboard with your efforts – the location itself is the basis for your rustic theme. Popular rustic locations include…

  • Farms, barns or ranches with reception setups
  • Orchards, pumpkin patches or similar farm-like settings
  • Wineries or vineyards
  • Country chapels, especially small, woodsy settings
  • Plantation homes, manors, halls or historic lodges
  • Mature gardens with grand growth

Any type of location that features exposed beams, stone walls and similar architecture can also have a rustic appeal perfect for your special day.

Your Rustic Wedding Wardrobe

The attire you choose as the wedding couple and for your bridal party also helps set the mood of your event. For a rustic wedding, there are many choices you can make to add a bit of vintage, rural flair to your wardrobe.

  • Opt for an off-white gown, such as ivory or ecru, for a vintage look
  • Choose a simple gown style or even wearing a white sundress or similar country garb
  • Consider a vintage or antique gown, even one from a family member for nostalgic appeal
  • Keep the groom and groomsmen comfortable in jeans, vests, bolo ties or suspenders
  • Use floral wreaths for women's hairpieces, and cowboy hats for gentlemen
  • Choose sandals, slippers or even cowboy boots for wedding footwear

No matter what your attire, some vintage accents can give your wardrobe a rustic look. Consider antique jewelry, subdued makeup and a more casual hairstyle to really coordinate with your rustic event.

Decorating a Rustic Wedding

The decorations for a rustic wedding are the key elements that highlight your theme and make your event memorable. There are many gorgeous ways to incorporate rustic features into your wedding decorations no matter what your preferences or budget.

  • Aisle Decorations
    Step into your rustic wedding with style when you decorate the aisle appropriately. Line the aisle with a green garland or colorful autumn leaves, or even a burlap runner. Wine barrels or large planters can also mark the aisle, or you may opt for hay bales for a more country-esque flair.

  • Lighting
    The lighting at your ceremony and reception can set a romantic, rustic mood. Candles are always ideal, but use lanterns or other rustic holders for the right ambiance. Edison-style bulbs can make gorgeous lighting for a rustic wedding, or warm strings of twinkle lights that evoke thoughts of a romantic sunset or summer starlight are perfect choices.

  • Flowers
    Flowers are a cornerstone of wedding decorations, not only for bouquets and boutonnieres, but also for garlands, arches, containers and centerpieces. Choose more unique blooms for rustic floral arrangements, such as proteas, peonies, sunflowers, marigolds and ranunculus. Adding twigs, pussy willows, berry sprigs, herbs, ferns or cotton bolls to your floral arrangements can also give them a beautiful rustic touch.

  • Linens
    For a rustic wedding, coarser woven linens add a great texture to your decorations. Instead of silk, satin or damask fabrics, opt for canvas, burlap, suede or even eyelet lace. Instead of tulle or organza ribbons, use jute twines or raffia ribbon in coordinating colors for a rustic look. You may still want more luxurious fabrics for tablecloths or large coverings, but rustic fabrics can be amazing accents that set your decorations apart.

  • Centerpieces
    There are many ways to add rustic touches to your table centerpieces. Instead of plain vases, opt for bottle vases, mason jars, galvanized tin buckets or even wooden planter boxes. Wood slabs cut from large logs with the bark left on can be whimsical plate chargers or placemats, while smaller slices can serve as coasters, place card holders or table numbers. Bowls of apples, small pumpkins and squashes or harvest nuts can serve as both functional and festive centerpieces.

  • Accents
    It's the little accent decorations that truly make your wedding unique, and there are many ways to add rustic touches to your event. Consider seed packets, antique key charms, cork coasters, wood heart ornaments or even small jars of jam, honey or syrup as wedding favors. Chalkboard signs with wooden frames are great to number tables or give directions around your wedding site. A distressed wood table can serve as the reception entrance table, while a vintage trunk can be used to receive cards and well wishes.

A rustic wedding doesn't have to be predictable or boring, and there are many rustic wedding ideas that can suit any couple's style and preferences to make their special day charming, romantic and unique. By incorporating rustic elements into your wedding, you will create a beautiful setting to celebrate your love and to enjoy remembering on many happy anniversaries.