Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2014

Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2014

Planning a wedding in 2014? Choosing a theme, and all of the necessities to go along with it, can be a big decision for a bride! Here are 5 top wedding trends for 2014 to help ease the pain:

1. Blush Shades

With 2014 officially underway, you will start to see a return to very romantic shades. It’s all about pink this year! But think soft shades like nudes, blushes, and peaches. Don’t be surprised if you see a bride in a light shade of the color instead of white this year! You will also see brides accentuating these blush shades with pops of sparkle to really help their theme shine. 

You will see brides apply blush shades to more than just their bridal party dresses. Expect to see blush invitations, linens, and chairs. But it won’t stop there! You will also see blush-colored drinks (think pink martinis), table accessories, and desserts!

2. Vintage Inspired

If you saw the film ‘The Great Gatsby’ you can understand where the wedding trend is coming from! A vintage inspired wedding is all about adding older looking pieces to your big day to encourage a feel of romance! 

At a vintage inspired wedding you can expect to see a lot of pearls, lace, and detailed patterns. If you are thinking of having a vintage look for your big day you should consider renting china, chiavari chairs, rich fabrics, and glassware. Some brides will incorporate metallics into their linens or chair color (or chair covers) to add an even richer look! Brides that are hoping to achieve this theme will probably consider a more formal sit down dinner, served in courses. You can imagine a beautifully designed table set for a multiple course meal. 

3. Rustic Themed

Rustic themed weddings are here for another year! But this year you will see brides working in some glam accents. To accessorize this type of wedding think Mother Nature! Incorporate greens with branches and lush flowers. To give a glam look consider adding some sequin to your centerpieces! 

Big farm tables are the perfect complement for a rustic themed wedding! Also, you’ll see mason jars everywhere for this theme! But not just for drinks - consider renting mason jars for decorations too!

4. Pops of Color

Another new wedding trend you’ll be seeing a lot of this year is pops of color! To avoid this turning into a rainbow theme, try to stick to a neutral palette except when working with accessories. Add pops of color when renting linens with bold striped patterns or floral prints, talk to your florist about adding a bright shade such as a magenta or tangerine into your bouquet, or consider adding a bright colored element to your wedding cake! 

To really kick this theme up a notch, take a look at the floor plans of your wedding and identify areas that you can add bright colors in to give your wedding a fun, energetic atmosphere! This can include the linens for your cocktail tables, colored chairs (or chair covers), or even the napkins you use on the tables!

5. High Tech Reception

High tech receptions are coming into 2014 in a big way! Brides and grooms love that their guests are capturing photos of the event! You will see receptions using custom hashtags (#BBwedding) so that everyone can follow along at home! In order to make sure that guests have cell phone power all night consider adding power cords to your rented cocktail tables! You can do something underneath the table if you have loose linens, or add power cords pop up out of flower arrangements around your cocktail tables!

Renting photo booths are a major must at high tech receptions as well! You may start to see some video photo booths this year as well! Consider adding dress up pieces that match your theme. If you’re going for a vintage wedding, see if it’s possible to add a vintage filter to your photo booth and having pearls, top hats, etc. available for your guests to dress up in!